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As one of the largest PTA units in all of IUSD for the past few years, we hope you can help us keep the tradition and join today. You can have access to the Family Directory, voting privileges at our PTSA General Association Meetings, and a voice in your child(ren)'s educational experience. Plus, there are membership perks from CA State PTA and National PTA...and more!

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 (Staff members must use special staff link sent separately)

 When students are PTSA members, they are eligible to apply for the Council PTA annual scholarship, State PTA Scholarships, and Student Sacramento Advocacy program! 

Discounts on Local Park Attractions


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20% Discount on Organic Produce Delivery


Farm Fresh to You has been farming organically since 1976 and has built a sustainable network of California farms that deliver organic produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and so much more straight to your doorstep all year! There’s no commitment, no contract, no delivery fees and no service fees. Payment is made after delivery so you can inspect the goods first – you “Pick it or Skip it”! 


California State PTA members can get an ongoing 20% discount by using promo code CAPTA when ordering through the Farm Fresh to You website. Simply enter your zip code, then select your delivery options, box size, and items.


10% Discounts on Athletic Gear & Apparel

You can support Northwood High PTSA by becoming a Basementeer! Sports Basement is spinning the traditional “loyalty” program into a win-win for their loyal customers and our community.  Basementeer’s receive 10% and give 10% back to Northwood High PTSA. Please watch this one minute video to get the idea!

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