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For 2021-22

This was another unique school year because of Covid. But as we got back to the rhythm of things, we were able to come together to serve, connect, and meet the needs of our community because of dedicated volunteers! Volunteers genuinely make this world a better place by sharing their time and talent with the community!


PTSA and other parent organizations on campus are run by dedicated volunteers that are united by their determination to provide the best possible experience for the NHS students. The PTSA Board thanks ALL volunteers of Grad Night, Spirit Wear, Student Store, Hospitality, Programs, Reflections, Advocacy, Language Liaison and the Disaster Prep Committees for supporting PTSA and the NHS Community! 


Each year, PTSA recognizes individuals who have shown boundless commitment and service to all NHS students and the NHS Community.  The PTSA Honorary Service awards for the year 2021-2022 goes to:


Very Special Person Award – Ellen Wang

Ellen was a freshmen parent last year and she jumped right in to help PTSA as our Communications chair! Ellen has always been actively involved in PTA units and is always a great resource and source of support. Ellen, you have been an invaluable member in providing community outreach and reporting using social media and newsletters. Thank you for your continued support in keeping the NHS community connected! 


Very Special Person Award – Grace Wang

Grace is a senior parent who was drawn to help with Spirit Wear when we were in desperate need of a co-chair last year. She has served as Spirit Wear co-chair for two years now. Spirit Wear sales and distribution were tricky the last couple years due to Covid delays and mandates but thanks to their efforts and ingenuity, they found a way to still get spirit wear to our families! Thank you, Grace, for all your efforts and time in making the last two years successful with spirit wear despite several roadblocks. You are sincerely appreciated, and we wish you and your Senior all the best for the next season of life!


Very Special Person Award – Ella Wu 

Ella was a freshman parent when she first signed to co-chair Spirit Wear! Spirit Wear sales and distribution were tricky these couple years due to Covid delays and mandates but thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of the co-chairs, they always found a way to get the Spirit-wear to our families! Thank you, Ella, for all your efforts and time in making the last two years successful with spirit wear despite several roadblocks. Thank you for your continued support!


Very Special Person Award – Tobin Wazzan

Tobin has served as the Hospitality Co-Chair and then Chair for PTSA for the last couple years! He has helped coordinate, plan, set-up, and serve at all the PTSA Hospitality events with his team of volunteers! Tobin’s eye for detail and heart to be inclusive of all his volunteers contributes to the success of every PTSA hospitality event even during these Covid years when regulations were even more stringent! Tobin - being a senior parent, we thank you for your exemplary service for our NHS community and wish you all the best in the next season of life!


Very Special Person Award – Emily Caragher

Emily was a new parent last year and, despite the challenges of the unprecedented year, she and her husband were always ready to help and support when the hospitality team needed volunteers. This year, Emily is the Student Store Manager and she has done a great job to make sure that the student store is fully stocked. She coordinated with the student store shoppers for items needed in the student store and oversaw the activities such as organizing price lists, signs and products, while keeping up to date with the district nutritional guidelines as set forth by the school district. Thank you Emily for your exemplary service to our NHS community in using the budget wisely while keeping the student store stocked and ready for our students!


Very Special Person Award – Arezoo Abayae

Through the years, Arezoo has always been involved in supporting various PTA roles! She is a senior parent and has served as PTSA financial secretary for the last 2 years. She is an invaluable team member and a great resource! Arezoo, you are appreciated for all that you have done for our school!


Honorary Service Award – Mindy Baker

Mindy served as PTSA Student Store Manager for five years from 2016 to last fall. Even though she is not managing the Store anymore, we all feel lucky to know her and we still get to see her now as one of our incredible NHS staff!  Before she transitioned to working full time, she made sure that her successor had a similar heart and vision for the Student Store’s continued success and now we have Emily at the helm!  Mindy’s eye for detail, dedication, and welcoming smile has always been valuable assets in managing the Student store and serving the NHS community. She has a graduating senior this year and we wish her and her family hearty congratulations! Thank you, Mindy, for your outstanding service to the community over the years!


Continuing Service Award – Josephine Chen

Josephine makes it easy for parents/caregivers to volunteer at the Student Store. She does a fantastic job to make sure that the Student Store is adequately staffed with Volunteers for business each day --without parent volunteers, we could not keep the store open! Josephine is a wonderful liaison between the volunteers and the Store Manager & PTSA regarding any issues and/or inventory needs, etc. This year she also is co-chairing Grad Night22 and is a great addition to the awesome Grad Night team! She has a graduating senior this year and a sophomore so she we look forward for more to come in the future!. Thank you, Josephine, for your sincere continued service in working tirelessly with other awesome Student Store volunteers to keep the Student store running for our students!


Continuing Service Award – Daniela Kou

Daniela has served as the PTSA EVP for the last two years. She joined the PTSA as a freshman parent. As PTSA was forced to move everything online that year due to pandemic mandates, we relied heavily on our website and online stores and communications. Daniela worked tirelessly with our webmaster, Jim Leung, to make this transition possible. She has also served on various other PTAs and has been a constant source of support and guidance for the PTSA Board.  Even during the pandemic she was able to pull off a successful book drive for our students’ English reading lists during the last kick-off week! Thank you, Daniela, for your continued hard work, leadership, vision and support for the last two unprecedented years!   


Outstanding Administrator Award – Dr. Leslie Roach

As the school leader, Dr. Roach has always been very student centered and always goes above and beyond in supporting the community. PTSA and all volunteers feel welcomed and students are supported under her leadership. Dr. Roach and her staff take pride in supporting the PTSA (which is clear from the 100% staff membership each year!), counselors coming to present at parent nights, support and attendance at various events, and the career center opening doors for lunchtime career speakers program! Principal Roach, thank you for your constant care, support, and dedication to the students, staff, and families of the NHS community!



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