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The California State PTA needs your support. Contact your legislative representatives about these important initiatives.


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  • As a representative of the PTA, please limit your advocacy to official PTA positions.  
  • As a parent, use your voice to share your views as a private citizen.


Urge Congress to Prioritize the Health & Safety of Every Child

As the reality of Covid-19 recovery sets in, Congress must act now to address youth mental health issues, child nutrition programs, and investment in our public education system.


Support the Permanent Expansion of the Child Tax Credit

Reduce the number of children living in poverty by more than 40% nationally.


Urge Congress to Protect Our Children from Gun Violence

School safety issues appear in the headlines daily and our children participate in active shooter drills during the school day.  Congress must act now to address school gun violence.



Advocacy is public support for, or recommendation of, a particular cause or policy.


The goal of advocacy within PTAs is to influence local, state, and national policymakers in passing legislation to improve care and protection of children and youth.


As the oldest and largest advocacy association in California, PTA is uniquely qualified to influence policymakers.  By joining forces with PTAs throughout the nation, we become a powerful force to impact laws and public policy decisions to positively affect our children, youth, and families.  


Every citizen has the right and the responsibility to participate in advocacy.


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SB 286: School Board Elections Date Change Initiative


SB 286, an initiative introduced by Senator Dave Min from Irvine to move the OC School Board Member election from the June Primary to the November General Election was held back in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, effectively killing the bill. The bill’s fate is likely the result of the Orange County Board of Education’s (OCBE) decision to hire a lobbyist in June to oppose the bill.


The outcome was disappointing for the Fourth District PTA members looking to improve voter access and turnout.  Given the importance of voter participation, the bill may be reintroduced in the future.


Of the 47 California county boards of education, OCBE continues to count itself among only 5 other school boards who hold their election dates outside of the November General Election.



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Sacramento Safari for Northwood High School PTA Members 18+*


What: An annual two-day Advocacy-focused trip sponsored by the Fourth District PTA


Why: We speak up for kids!  Gain clarity on the importance of PTA and its mission and learn important PTA leadership skills.


When: February 27 & 28, 2023


Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, Sacramento & the California State Capitol


Fees: Approximately $800


Learn more!


*Northwood High School PTSA approval required to attend





Another Record Breaking Education Budget - 40% Increase Over Last Year!


Total state funding for schools and community colleges is $128 billion for 2022-23, $37 billion more than last year.  


How did this happen?  


Passed in 1988, Proposition 98 sets the minimum funding guarantee for education for California public schools and community colleges that at least keeps pace with growth in the K–12 student population and the personal income of Californians.  


The Prop 98 influx of revenue for this year is attributed to wealthy stock market investors who did very well in the market and are now even more wealthy.


Additionally, federal COVID assistance contributed a large portion to available funds.


What happens next?


Since COVID assistance is expiring and there is no guarantee that next year’s Prop 98 funds will match this year’s funds, California must spend wisely on critical needs that will benefit our children for the next several years.  


Important Initiatives: 

  • Counseling & Mental Health Services 
  • COVID-Related Educational Lags
  • Expanded Transitional Kindergarten 
  • Arts, Music, & Instructional Materials
  • Before-School, After-School, & Summer Enrichment Programs
  • STEM, Health, Computer Science, and Education Career Programs
  • Literacy Coaches & Tutors
  • School Construction & Renovation
  • Community Schools in Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Free Meals for All Students

What can I do?


Then ask yourself: 

  • Is funding used for students who need help?
  • Is spending equitable?  


For more information, check out California’s strong education budget for 2022-23





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How does it work?

Participate in a 5-minute Ed100 lesson, take a quiz, and earn a ticket for the next Ed100 quarterly drawing.


What will I learn?

How things work in California’s education system and why they work that way.  Ed100 is a set of easy-to-understand explanations, organized into ten self-paced chapters, available in English and Spanish.


Who is this program for?

  • Parents curious about how the education system works
  • PTA members considering a leadership role
  • Students who want change at your school
  • University students considering a career in teaching
  • School teachers or staff looking to better understand system influences and impact
  • School board candidates
  • Everyone else….

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CSPTA/CAPTA: California State Parent Teacher Association

Website address is


IUSD LCAP: Irvine Unified School District Local Control Accountability Plan

A three-year, district-level plan that is updated annually


LCFF: Local Control Funding Formula

California’s main education finance law


LCAP: Local Control Accountability Plan

Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) budget overview for parents


OCBE: Orange County Board of Education

Five elected members who represent five trustee areas of OC.  Election term is 4 years.  Represent the five trustee areas of the county.


Other Acronyms & Initialisms


Resources for Informed Voters

  • (Information on candidates and ballot measures.  Enter your address and findout what is on your ballot, as well as information about how to vote.)
  • (In-depth information about candidates and propositions including campaign contributions and who supports and opposes the ballot measures) 
  •  (Voting information from the Orange County Registrar of Voters) 


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