Reflections Art Program

A big congratulations goes out to our Northwood High School's Reflections winners at the Irvine Unified Council PTA round: 
Dayun Jin for receiving the Award of Excellence in Music Composition category for “What Stays for Sure”


Rhea Gupta for receiving the Award of Merit in Visual Arts for  “Liberty and Justice for All …


Hannah Liu for receiving Honorable Mention in Literature category for “Blank Page


Dayun Jin also received the Award of Merit in the 4th District round of judging.
What an accomplishment! A round of applause to all our award winners and all the participants in this year's Reflections program. Northwood High made a great showing and let's look forward to another great year next year!



Northwood High School Winners:


Congratulations to all our student artists who represented themselves and Northwood High School in amazing style and creativity with their artwork! >Results




First Name Title Category


Friday the 13th




Water polo comeback





The Flaws of A Story




Looking To the Indigenous People To Reverse Our Mistakes





Blank Page





Always with me

Music Composition




What Stays for Sure

Music Composition




Emotional Vulnerability




The Hidden

Beauty of Our World





Light of Communication

Visual Arts





Visual Arts




Liberty and Justice For All...

Visual Arts




Giving Life

Visual Arts





Visual Arts




Thermal Expansion 

Visual Arts



Mother Nature Embracing Her Betraying Earth

Visual Arts




One Step at a Time

Visual Arts




United We Stand

Visual Arts


PTSA Reflections 


Do you have something to say? Are you itching to express yourself? What do you want to share with the world? We want you to...

"Show Your Voice!" 


through the PTSA Reflections Program. Students, you can draw, paint, dance, film, write, or compose your message or thoughts in your own personal style.




Submit Artwork

Please remember to press “Submit” at the end of your form. After submitting you will

receive an email from Google Forms with a copy of your entry form.





All students attending PTA schools sponsoring the program are invited to participate and submit original artwork in one of six areas:

  • Dance Choreography
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Film Production
  • Music Composition
  • Visual Arts

Artworks are submitted first to school-level PTAs, where they are first recognized, celebrated and judged by five grade-level divisions, while a non-judged Special Artists division celebrates student artists with special needs. School PTAs then choose a selection of entries to be judged by local PTA units, which are then sent on to councils and then districts for consideration. The final artworks submitted to California State PTA by districts are then considered for Outstanding Interpretation, Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit. Outstanding Interpretation and Award of Excellence entries then go on to represent California in the final National PTA judging round.


State-level Outstanding Interpretation honorees receive:

  • Onstage recognition at the California State PTA Annual Convention
  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Outstanding Interpretation plaque, award and certificate

State-level Award of Excellence honorees receive:

  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Award of Excellence medallion, award and certificate

State-level Award of Merit honorees receive:

  • The opportunity to showcase their artwork at the California State PTA Convention Reflections Gallery
  • Prizes including an Award of Merit medallion and certificate

National-level Outstanding Interpretation honorees are recognized at the National PTA Convention, plus their artwork, along with any National Award of Excellence and Merit winners, are featured in Reflections’ popular traveling national exhibit.


  • General Rules for Participation — By entering the “National PTA Reflections Program,” entrants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules as well as the entry requirements for their specific arts category and division. Any violation of these rules may, at PTA’s discretion, result in disqualification. All decisions of the judges regarding this program are final and binding in all respects. (The “PTA” referred to in these rules include all PTAs and PTSAs reviewing the entry).
  • Eligibility — Students must participate through a local PTA/PTSA in good standing. Parent groups not affiliated with National PTA are not eligible to sponsor this program. It is the responsibility of the state and local PTA/PTSA to determine each student’s eligibility in the National PTA Reflections® Program. A student may develop an entry in or outside of school.
  • Categories — There are six arts categories – dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Students may enter the National PTA Reflections Program in one or more arts categories. See each Arts Category Rules for additional entry requirements.
  • Grade Divisions — Students may enter in the appropriate division for their grade (High School: Grades 9-12; Special Artist: All 9-12 grades welcome). See Special Artist Division Rules for entry requirements.
  • How to Enter — Entrants must submit their artwork and student entry form (submit using button above) to their local PTA/PTSA program according to local and state PTA procedures. Entrants must follow requirements and instructions specific to each arts category and division. Contact local PTA programs for deadlines and additional information.
  • Entry Requirements — (All participants must also follow Arts Category and Division Rules) — Only new pieces of artwork inspired by the theme may be submitted. Each entry must be the original work of one student only. An adult may not alter the creative integrity of a student’s work. Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize each student’s individual creativity, help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed except in the Special Artist Division. Only one student may be recognized as the award recipient for each entry. Other individuals may appear in or perform a student’s work, but the work itself must be the creative product of one student only. See the specific Arts Category Rules for details. Each entry must contain a title and all entries must include an artist statement. The artist statement communicates what inspired the work, how it relates to the theme, and the content of the work. The statement must include a minimum of 10 words, but may not exceed 100 words.  Use of copyrighted material is prohibited, except for recorded music in dance choreography and film production entries. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified. Use of PowerPoint presentations are prohibited because most graphic elements are copyrighted.
  • Final Selection and Notification — Entries are reviewed at local, regional, state and national levels. Each PTA determines its own judges for the program. Entries will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme, originality and creativity. The National PTA Reflections® program makes no restrictions on content or subject matter in artwork. Under no condition may parents or students contact the judges to dispute the status of any entry. Awards will be announced according to local and state procedures. National award recipients will be notified via email by National PTA, typically in May. The PTA in its sole discretion will select finalists for exhibition and provide awards/prizes. Visit for more information on Exhibitions and awards.
  • Ownership and License — Ownership in any submission shall remain the property of the entrant, but entry into this program constitutes entrant’s irrevocable permission and consent that PTA may display, copy, reproduce, enhance, print, sublicense, publish, distribute and create derivative works for PTA purposes. PTA is not responsible for lost or damaged entries. Submission of entry into the PTA Reflections program constitutes acceptance of all rules and conditions.


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