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The following list of books is not inclusive of all courses that require reading books, but it does cover a majority of them. All online purchases are processed thru our website, so be sure you have registered an account on our website and logged in...THANK YOU for your support!


Grade Class Book Title Author Price
9th H9 The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald $17.00
9th H9 Julius Caesar (Folger Shakespeare Series) William Shakespeare $6.99
9th H9 Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe $14.00
10th H10 House on Mango Street Sandra Cisneros $11.95
11th Euro Lit 1984 George Orwell $9.99
11th Euro Lit Iliad Homer $10.95
11th H Euro Lit Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen $7.95
11th H Euro Lit Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf $15.99
11th H Euro Lit Stranger Albert Camus $13.95
11th& 12th Film Studies Stranger Albert Camus $13.95
11th & 12th Film Studies Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky $12.95
11th & 12th Film Studies Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal Lecter Series #2) Thomas Harris $8.99
11th & 12th Film Studies Paradise Lost John Milton $12.00
12th Lit & Soc Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury $16.99
12th Lit & Soc Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions Daniel Wallace $15.95
12th Contemp Lit Fences August Wilson $14.00
12th Contemp Lit Nine Stories  J. D. Salinger $9.99
12th Contemp Lit Housekeeping Marilynne Robinson $16.00
12th Contemp Lit Jazz Toni Morrison $16.00
12th Contemp Lit White Noise Don DeLillo $17.00
12th Sci Fi Contemp Left Hand of Darkness (Hainish Series) Ursula K. Le Guin $16.00
12th AP Lit Heart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction Joseph Conrad $8.95
12th AP Lit Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain $7.95
12th AP Lit Beloved (Pulitzer Prize Winner) Toni Morrison $16.00
12th AP Lit Imagining Argentina Lawrence Thornton $17.00



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If initial online inventory runs out, we will open a 2nd round of orders from Aug 10th (5PM) to Aug 20th (5PM).  Delivery is ~2 weeks and students can pick up books at the Student Store.




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