What is Grad Night?


*** Due to Covid-19, the Class of 2021 Grad Night will adhere to all current CDC and OC Health Departments restrictions and recommendations that are in place at that time including social distancing, masks, etc.   If deemed safest, this event will take place at an outside venue. To accommodate the state mandate at the time of the event, Class of 2021 Grad Night will decide the time and venue in accordance. Exact hours are TBD ***​


It is a Northwood High School Tradition.


Traditionally, Grad Night is a PTSA-sponsored all-night celebration/graduation party for graduating seniors, featuring great food, entertainment, activities, supervision, and transportation. For over a decade, PTSA has organized this drug/alcohol-free event which is completely safe and supervised. It is a great opportunity for graduating seniors to enjoy a fun, safe, relaxing and uniquely memorable final evening with classmates.  NHS Graduation Ceremony will be held on June 3rd in the day and there is plenty of time for graduates and families to celebrate before Grad Night begins in the late evening.

It is a tradition to keep the venue a SECRET. We do this for a couple of reasons. First of all, we keep the students guessing all the way until the minute the bus pulls up to the venue. It makes it more exciting!  Secondly, we do it for your student’s safety. We don’t want anyone knowing ahead of time to ensure others don’t show up unexpectedly. Previous venues have included ESPN Zone, Dave and Busters, and the Orange County Fairgrounds. We never go to a venue farther than a half hour from NHS.


It is a SAFE event. There are plenty of chaperones and security to watch all students. No student is allowed to leave the venue on his/her own. There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS!  This is strictly enforced and will NOT be tolerated.  


It is an event where the students MUST ride on a bus to and from the event with chaperones present. This is to ensure the safety of all students.

It is an event where the kids dress CASUAL.


It is an evening where parents are encouraged to VOLUNTEER.


It is a night that EVERYTHING is included in the ticket price: FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, TRANSPORTATION, AND MORE!!!

We hope your senior will attend!

Email general questions to the Grad Night Chair at

Questions on tickets, contact Grad Night Treasurer at

To volunteer, contact Grad Night Volunteer Chair at




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